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Sexy pink lingerie.

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Sexy pink lingerie. Who here does not love to see a super hot Tranny like Angeles Cid in Sexy pink lingerie? Ok yes, we would all prefer to see her but with the lingerie on the floor. However taking that lingerie off of her is a huge portion of the fun. And to be clear I mean taking it off slow. Sensually and softly. Giving her time to heat up and rise to the occasion!

Imagine that you walk up to her. Facing her beauty and you lean in and kiss her lips softly. Run your tongue arcoss her lips and gently press with it to open her lips and teeth. Your tongue seeks out hers and they meet hot and wet!

As you continue to kiss gently run your hands down her sides and feel the swell of her breasts on the outside. But dont stop there keep them moving slowly down. Be gentle but firm. You dont want to tickle her you want to excite her.  Once your hands get to the side straps of her panties, play with them a little but do not yet pull them down. Reach behind her with one hand and caress her ass. With the other, gently slide it down the front of her panties. Push just enough to feel if her huge cock is starting to stiffen!

Now bend you head down a little and with your teeth and lips and tongue pull her bra aside and suck one of her nipples into your mouth. Again be gentle but firm also. You do not want to hurt her you want to excite her!

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