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Hard Asian cock. Uki needs to get fucked hard.

Hard Asian cock. Uki needs to get fucked hard. The photographer found Uki dancing in a bar in Thailand. He noted that she had a nice hard asian cock and asked her why she had an erection. She said she needed Fuck Fuck and wanted Suck Suck. So he engaged her in a little conversation to clarify.

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Asian Tranny Tits! And the perfect pair belongs to Nina StrongHold!

Asian Tranny Tits! And the perfect pair belongs to Nina StrongHold! So yes we are all on a quest for a tranny with perfect tits and this Asian tranny tits set is perfect. And happens to belong to Nina StrongHold. Our one and only! Did we also mention that Nina has been voted on multiple occasion as having the best tranny tits on the planet? It is always a race between her and Naomi Chi but Nina wins out for Asian and that gives her the boots to win the over all as well.

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Petite Ladyboy!

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Ladyboy threesome!

Ladyboy threesome!

So who else here is up for a ladyboy threesome? Can you imagine it. You head out to the bar with some friends. Its late but you have had a great day. Time for some beers and scoping out the talent at the bar.  Of course you pick your table carefully so you can see everything and especially the ladies. You sit down and order and have a few laughs with the guys. All of a sudden you feel like someone is watching you. You search the room with your eyes and notice two adorable girls at the bar looking right into your eyes. They are both petite with firm hard bodies. Small but firm tits that are almost visible in their tops.

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Petite Teen Asian Tranny

Petite Teen Asian Tranny

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Busty Shemale in Lingerie. That is right if you guessed that this busty beauty is none other than Nina StrongHold! And wow what a set of tits this beauty actually has.  Ok guys Focus!!  Here text not titties below!

Nina is currently living in Mexico and loving her life. She lives near Cancun and enjoys the beaches and the boys.  Furthermore She tells us the only things missing in her life are actually kind of simple. She wants a man that will support her decisions and be with her through thick and thin. Nina says he does not need to be rich, but definitely someone who works to support them both!

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The second thing Nina tells us she wants to have in her life is her last surgery! Yes thats right. She is looking to have her cock removed and she is super excited to have it done. So if you want to just help her out you can either donate money to her. Just post below and we can help with that. Or you can support her with a membership to her website.  Both help her to her Goal.  All potential dates should message her directly in her members area.

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