Sapphire Young Erection time!

Sapphire Young Erection time! Hi guys. I dont know about you but during the day I always start to get that tingle down in my cock and balls. I guess you could say it starts when I play with my nipples. And I can feel that ache. That of course is what I call Sapphire Young Erection time! And that also means that its Masturbation time. Oh how I love watching a load of cum shoot out of the head of my cock.

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Trans Naked in public area. Can you imagine going up the stairs to your apartment to find this hot Trans Naked in public area. That would be so amazing and I think I would do anything to lure her back to my place. From the offer of a coat to dinner and wine!

For those of you who do not know who she is, this is Sapphire Young! And yes her body looks like that all the time. Somewhat tall with nice big tits and a cock that is long and gets very hard.  She also has soft lips that love to suck cock and be kissed.

Trans Naked in public area

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Hung Sapphire Young in Lingerie! There is nothing on this planet like getting to check out photos and videos of Hung Sapphire Young! She is a real beauty. Nice big and round firm tits are one of the first things noticed with Sapphire. Then once you get her excited you realize how big her cock is. Most of the time we refer to Sapphire as a Shemale rather than Ladyboy. But no matter what you call her she is one of the sexiest trans girls around.

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Sapphire Young Big cock Ladyboy has an offer for you! Yes that is Sapphire Young Big cock Ladyboy and she wants you to come and play with what she is offering. She made this movie for you guys one night when she could not sleep. Sapphire said she woke up about 2am and had an erection. So she set up her camera and turned on her tv for light. Then started stroking to a porn dvd she has!

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Sapphire Young Self Facial.

Sapphire Young Self Facial! Have you watched this action yet? The thing that made her so famous was the fact that she masturbates and gives herself facials. Thats the reason this set is called Sapphire Young Self Facial! She woke up late one night and started watching tv. There was nothing on so she hit play on the DVD player and a porn started. This of course got her cock hard and that means that its masturbation time. While tickling the head of her cock she decided to video this for her fans.

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Sapphire Young Self Facial

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Ladyboy FootJob with Sapphire Young! We all know who this amazing ladyboy is. Her name is Sapphire Young and her website has the same name. Just add .com! But for those of you who have never seen her or checked out her sets. You have been missing out. Sapphire Young is famous for several things and one of them is her Ladyboy Footjob shoots. It’s where she masturbates and cums on her feet. The other hot and also sensual thing she does is Self ladyboy facials! Both are a must see and both are done in photos and also videos.

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Hidden Tranny cock! How do they do that?

Hidden Tranny cock! How do they do that? Well some girls will easily tell you and others wont. But Hidden tranny cock is something they all have to do. Its also a learned thing as some have bigger cocks and don’t need to hide it as much. So still wondering where they hide it? Well its simpley tucked back between theier legs and sometimes anchored back with a piece of cloth! For those of you who want to check out more. Ask your favorite Trans girl. Or watch one here remove their cock from their panties!

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Ladyboy upskirt with Sapphire Young

Ladyboy upskirt with Sapphire Young! And you see real fast Sapphire Young is showing off her big ladyboy cock. So that makes this one of the best Ladyboy upskirt photos you will ever see. Sappire is an amazing trans girl with a big cock and nice round big tits. She loves to get naked any place she can. Outdoors or in does not matter. She wants her skin exposed to the air. And her cock swinging free. For you she wants you naked as well so she can suck you off. Or also stroke you hard and then sit on your cock.

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