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Posed in her most seductive way, this horny tranny looks so innocent and at peace.  In reality Hershal is one of the most cock crazed shemale sluts we have ever come across.  Her insatiable need for sexually fulfillment is off the charts and her when she gets in front of the camera it’s amazing how her desire shows through. Pouty lips beckening cock and tight and perfectly round tranny ass seemingly developed to be fucked deep and long.  She is a cumslut and proud of it.  Her shecock throbs and drips almost from the start as her orgasm patiently waits to be unleashed.

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Oh my, isn’t this Asian tranny just the cutiest little thing? While I’m certainly a fan of nasty hardcore shemale fucking action, I have a soft spot for pretty and glamourous as well.  Hershal’s smile is so innocent, although my cock between her red lips does come to mind 😉 Smooth and shapely legs lead me to imaginng caressing her tight shemale ass while I fondle the rest of her body and kiss those full warm lips.  These Asian Tranny’s are so submissive it’s crazy, and they will do anything to please.  Just can’t get enough of them…..can you?

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You have to love this very seductive Asian Tranny Hershal.  Her creamy soft skin invites your hands to explore her lean sultry body.  She lays there not uttering a sound until you touch her big shemale tits and ultra sensative nipples.  A low gasp escapes from her lips as she completely submits to your touch.  Her passions are awakened and she eagerly grabs your blood engorged cock and guides it towards her warm mouth, all the while looking you deeply in the eyes letting you know that tonight this tranny belongs solely to you.

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There is nothing that gets juices flowing ready for action like a pair of smooth creamy shemale tits sticking out firm and begging my lips to clamp on her firm nipples.  Already in position for me to stand in front of her and slap my dick along her lips while she opens her eager  asian tranny mouth and slides every inch sensually down her throat. Her nipples stand at attention as I direct her to the couch and bend her over and spread her sexy shemale ass wide.  Gasping with surprise and delight as I slowly slip my cock deeply into her tight tranny ass.  Grasping her shemale tits from behind and pinching her pert nipples she squeals for me to pound her tight ass.

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Hershal in blackHow do you like your shemales? Sensual? Slutty? just down right sexy? Personally as long as they are attractive, I am into them, and Hershal is far more that just attractive, she is an amazing beauty with a body to die for. She has full and thick hair, amazing lips and face along with some wonderful boobs and a fantastic ass. Then we get to what makes Hershal so special and that’s the fact that she still has a fully functional cock that shoots a nice and hot load.

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