Semi transparent panties

Now this is a hot shot. Semi Transparent panties that give us just a peek of her cock. Right away we note that her cock is not huge and it might be considered small. But she is a ladyboy so that was more or less completely expected! After all, most ladyboys have small cocks. And that is ok with me.

As with most Semi Transparent panties we get a nice and hot glimpse of what they are supposed to be hiding. And this pair is hot because its black. So even a little harder to see than normal. And that means that we have to put in a lot of guess work at the start. Once again, ok with me. And this Ladyboy babe is worth staring at for as long as I can. Another thing about these Semi Transparent panties is the over all cut. You can tell by looking at them that the top is meant to be straight across her hips and no pulled up. Giving them an even smaller and sexier look then another cut.

I guess the real topic of this post about these panties is what can we do, to get this ladyboy naked? Well its pretty simple actually. She is 100% naked in the members area of the website she posed for. She also has a couple of movies that you are going to love. So make sure to check them out. Also rate and comment on them as well. These girls love to read about what you did and think of them naked.

Semi Transparent panties

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