Ladyboy ass and balls

When it come to a hot shot of some Ladyboy ass and balls. You can clearly see that Vitress Tamayo knows how to do it. Her Ladyboy ass and balls make for the perfect topic as well as the perfect view. Can you just imagine being behind her to see this. Then to reach out and touch and enjoy the smooth silky feeling of her body? Caressing the skin on her ass and then down between her ass cheeks to her balls!!!

What would you do if you have Vitress in this pose? Would you caress and cup her balls and cock from behind? Then as her cock got hard would you pull it back and suck the head. Making it slip between your lips and teeth? How would you get her hot and hard from behind like this?

How about taking a hand full of her balls and cock and then leaning into to kiss those full red lips and suck her tongue into your mouth. Squeeze her cock and balls just a little as you kiss her and feel her gasp in your mouth. Also the way her cock gets hard in your hand.

Click on the image below of Vitress Tamayo showing off her ladyboy ass and balls.
Ladyboy ass and balls


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