Ladyboy Abhie gets naked outdoors at a construction site!

Ladyboy Abhie gets naked outdoors at a construction site! Abhie is one of the top requested girls in TransWorldAsia and she loves shooting for the site. The image below is a photo set shot ourdoors. Its really dangerous to do a shoot like this but Abhie wanted to give it a go and see how it came out.

Her hot ladyboy ass and tits naked outdoors is a turn on to any man. Why do we say that? Well because in the middle of this shoot, an inspector walked in. He was actually a foreigner to the country and that means they are always strict with the rules.  He Yelled at us and picked up his cell phone and Abhie stopped him. She looked him in the eye and said no! Then pointing to the ground the guy got on his knees. She walked up to him and put her cock right in his mouth.

Ladyboy naked outdoors

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