Body stocking and heels

Now days you hear a lot of talk in the news and media about a girl being a total Karren. Well this is our Karren and she decided to dress up in a body stocking and heels. And I for one and very thankful. And based on what I see here, I think you should be as well. Because this Karren is half naked and fucking deliciously hot. Dont you think??

We met Karren in an office rather than one of the ladyboy bars and we knew that we had to have her naked on camera for you guys. So after a good bit of wheeling and dealing we got Karren to agree to meet for an ” Interview “. When she asked what she should wear we jokingly told her a body stocking and heels. And that is exactly how she showed up. She did have on a jacket to cover her body a little but once it was off, there were hard cocks all around the room. And mine of course was one of them. Just look at her!

Now that you have your eyes on this photo. Can you imagine being there in the room with her? Seeing her soft and sensual body in that sexy lingerie. Her legs stretched in the high heels?

Body stockgings and heels

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