Ladyboy Erection and Jane has a nice one.

Ladyboy Erection and Jane has a nice one. So who here likes a nice Ladyboy Erection? If when you first meet a hot ladyboy and she is not hard. Then its time for you to jump into action. Its also time to make sure she knows you want to pleasure her. And have her pleasure you.So reach out and touch her. Kiss her lips. Play with her tits some. This of course all depends on where you are and if you alone. But once you start you will see that your girl is going to start to get hard!
Take for instance Jane here. She was found by the photographer in a bar and she was dancing in panties. He started flirting with her and telling her he wanted to fuck her. When she did not rise to his flirtations he asked her if she wanted to top or bottom. She said I bottom mostly but I also love to top. He smiled and said good. I need a hard cock in my ass. Of course she started getting hard right there.

Ladyboy Erection

So they took her erection back to his hotel and he made this photo set and also a great video.

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