Vitress flashes her ass

Now this is something that you wont see very often. As a lot of you know. Vitress Tamayo lives in the Philippines most of the year. And some of you know that showing skin anywhere but at home is the worst thing you can do. So if you think about that for just a moment you will realize that this photo as Vitress flashes her ass. Well its going to be a super rare thing because she could get in trouble for it.

Now, she is also going to flash a good bit more in the rest of this set. And she knows that you wanted to see this. Her flashing outdoors. That is the reason she went to this beach and shot this set. And we have to say that when Vitress Flashes her ass, it is the highlight of our day. How about yours?

And yes again she is going to show you a lot more. But those photos are only in the members area of her website. So make sure to check that out today. Totally hot and totally worth it.

You can click a text link or the image below.
Vitress Tamayo Flashes her ass

Do not hesitate. She may take this set down depending on getting any backlash for it.

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