Trans girl in pantyhose

OK first I have to ask you guys if you know the difference between pantyhose and stockings? If you do already then you will love this trans girl in pantyhose shot. If you dont, you will still love this shot. How ever because you dont know the difference you need to keep reading.

We want to take a moment to thank Nina StrongHold for being out trans girl in pantyhose. And we want to thank her for being so fucking hot!

Now, looking at this trans girl in pantyhose photo, you can see that they go all the way up to her waist. Basically forming panties. They are just as transparent and tight as the legs and they look just as sexy. But the take the place of her panties by holding her cock in place and pushed down. And that is only one part of what makes them sexy.

Did you also know that these things are extremely easy to rip open? Yeah they are and its a lot of fun to watch. But the coolest thing is that you can not only rip them open, but you can fuck her right through them. Just cut a cock sized hole.

Trans girl in pantyhose

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