Petite Ladyboy! Stroking in the bed and shower!

Petite Ladyboy! Stroking in the bed and shower! For some reason most of the petite ladyboy photos and videos that you find are of girls with big cocks. They also happen to have smaller tits. Usually natural. Once they get the implants they want most of them gain a bit of weight and are no longer really petite! So we have to guess that they like the look of being thicker and fuller. For most men they don’t really care as long as the girl is cock hungry and wants to cum.

For this petite little one we have two things for you to enjoy!

First we have a cute photo of her playing with her ladyboy cock in the shower.
Click the image to see the tour.
Petite Ladyboy

We also have this amazing video clip for you to check out. This is Jenn stroking on the bed!

Click the image above or a text link to see the rest of that movie. Its about 22 minutes long.

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