Masturbation comes in many forms. From using just your mind and imagination. To using your hands. Or maybe even a girls mouth. But then there is the extreme of using something like a sex toy of some sort. Or the bigger extreme of using some sort of fruit or vegetable.

Take a peek at the video and the photo below. The busty blonde beauty with the full lips is none other than Trans PornStar Afrika Kampos. And she is proof positive that when a girl wants to get off she is going to find a way. The day this movie was made, a fan had been unable to attend a fuck session and Afrika was so horny. She kept saying that she needed a hole to stick her cock in.

Needless to say when a trans girl like Afrika Kampos is horny, she is going to find a way to get the masturbation that she wants. And Afrika cut her own hole and fucked this Papaya just for the fun of getting off with a hole!

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