Ladyboy Lips.

Ladyboy Lips.

So guys, what kind of lips do you like on your favorite ladyboy. For most men they dont really like the ones that are injected and look like balloons. They, you and I want the Ladyboy Lips to look and feel very natural. Smooth and soft as the girl uses them to kiss you and caress your body. You want her lips to slide down your neck and chest. Slowly of course. Stopping at all the spots that make your cock grow fatter and harder. Working her way down until those soft lips land a gentle kiss on the head of your swollen cock.

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Ladyboy Lips

The choice of what the girl does after putting that first kiss on the head of your cock is of course yours! Will you have her bite her way down the shaft and back up? Or do you want her simply to have your cock slide gently past her lips and into her hot wet and waiting mouth?

Check out those photos right now and make the decision once her lips touch your cock. Then rock her world.

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