Ladyboy Latina

Ladyboy Latina. Yeah I know how that sounds. However it is an accurate description of Nina StrongHold. Part ladyboy and part latina. And all 100% hot as hell. Now with just looking at the photo below, and before you read any further can you tell which body parts are ladyboy and which are latina?

Yep you guessed it. While her tits do not apply they are pretty damn amazing to look at. However that ass is all Latina and her cock is all ladyboy. Her eyes have a beautiful shape and slant to them and they make her look very exotic. And that is one set of eyes you would love to have staring up at you with your cock in her mouth! And the good thing for you is that the latina in Nina makes her want to suck cock all the time. The best part is she is amazing at it. The ladyboy in her makes her want to bend over so you can shove your cock into her love hole and pound her deep and hard.

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Ladyboy Latina

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