Ladyboy in lingerie

When getting home to your favorite ladyboy how do you prefer to find her dressed? Maybe you just want to walk in and find her naked but still wearing heels? How about those of you that like your ladyboy in lingerie? If so what kind of lingerie do you want? Can it be just a small teddy? Or how about something more along the lings of a lace or fishnet body suit? Also are the heels a must or is barefoot ok? In any event, you need to enjoy her and have fun with her. So for me, the less lingerie she has on the better. But I know some of you want them decked out in panties and all.

Check out this hot little number and her lingerie.

ladyboy in lingerie

This petite pretty ladyboy is about to get naked and then take on a big hard cock. The best part is she plans to take that cock bareback and as deep into her hole as she can. Screaming and loving ever fat inch. The movie is amazing to watch and you should tune in right now and enjoy the expressions as the guy splits her open wide.

Dont miss it. Its one you will always think about and enjoy!

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