Big ass trans

Well guys how about a big ass trans? No I dont mean she is big. I mean that she has a big ass. Most of you have seen us talk about Nina before and you know who she is. For those that do not know her, she is the beauty in the photo below. Her name is Nina StrongHold and she is our big ass trans today. And she does have a big ass. However its not one of those ugly asses. Its natural and the only thing she does to it is exercise it.

Nina tells us she exercises her ass for a couple of reasons. First to make sure that it looks nice in everything that she wears. From leggings to short skirts and also tight dresses. She wants her ass to stick out and be noticed. She also wants it to move just right. However her main focus on her ass exercises is to be the big ass trans that also has the tightest ass you can find. She tells us she wants to be able to squeeze your cock hard with her love hole while you pump her full of your man cream. If you are not willing to do that then she can use the dildo in her hand instead.
Big Ass Trans

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