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Pretty Asian Shemale

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Petite Asian T-Girl Nit


Petite Asian T-Girl

Sensual Petite Asian Tranny Nit

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Petite Asian T-Girl
Nit knocks your socks off with her smooth sensuality.  Her eyes mesmerize with her gaze, while her silky smooth body and firm tits beckon you closer to take a more intimate look.  Asian shemale beauties seem to posses that feminine softness that make them such true women.  This hides their inner burning desire for sex and lots of it.  This is a perfect combination to make them absolutely irresistible to those of us who love the look and feel of a beautiful woman. Come right now and check out this Petite Asian T-Girl Nit and see what all her body has to offer you. Super hot and sexy, slim and tight with plum lips.

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I don’t think we need any bigger of an invitation now do we? Pretty and petite Nina is telling us what she needs and where she needs it.  Her tight little Asian tranny ass begs your cock to slip right in nice and deep.  Lean forward, push her head to the pillow and grab her tiny firm tranny tits and pound that ass for all you are worth.

Nina is small, but she’s built for long haul, so hammer away. Those little Asian sluts squeal so nicely and Nina is a screamer so bring the ear plugs!

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Wet ladyboy masturbating

Wet ladyboy masturbating

Wet ladyboy masturbating

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What a site to walk into when we were doing this shoot!  I thought we were gonna start with her coming out of the pool and stripping down in the bathtub for a hot bubble bath.  Seems our little Asian Shemale minx Nathalie had other plans and that didn’t include forplay.  She was getting right down the business.

Nathalie has such a smooth sleek athletic body.  Her shemale tits are perfect and firm, while her shecock stands at attention every time the winds blows it seems.  Nathalie sat in that empty tub and stroked her rock hard erection until her body started to shake uncontrollably while her head arched back and the moans of orgasm escaped her sensual lips.  We just let the camera keep rolling.  Such a spontaneous and sensually erotic moment.

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Beautiful Asian Shemale Bride

Beautiful Asian Shemale

Beautiful Asian Shemale

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Beautiful Asian Shemale!  Breathtaking beauty is all one see’s when gazing at Maria as she gets ready for her wedding day.  She has been waiting for this day a long time and now it’s here.  She wants to be elegant and sexy for her soon to be husband, while mindful that she must serve his sexual desires later that night.

She loves knowing she will do anything for him and belongs to him fully.  Her body is his to do with at he pleases and she is to please him in any way she can.  This excites this our new Asian tranny bride and soon she will be able to both their needs.

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Pretty Tranny Stroking

Pretty Tranny Stroking

Pretty Tranny Stroking

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Pretty Tranny Stroking!   Little Macy really has a problem.  Her shecock is so hard and she is so horny, but there is nobody around to help her play.  Spreading wide on her bed, cute Asian T-girl Macy doesn’t waste any time taking things into her own hands.  Fantasizing about her hung lover she strokes her eager shecock slowing and deliberately while dreaming her lover has her on all fours with her tight little shemale ass pointing at the ceiling.

Almost feeling his thrusts as he fills her so deeply.  She loves the fullness his cock brings and it doesn’t take much coaxing before her orgasm ripples through her twitching little body.  Exhausted, she licks her fingers clean and floats off to a peaceful sleep.

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Post Op Kimber James is here.

Post Op Kimber James!

Thats right Kimber James had the complete Sexual reassignment surgery and now has a new site. I know she is not Asian as is the theme of our blog but I just had to post it for you guys. She still has the super amazing big round tits that we all want to cum on, but now instead of her cock she has a tight pink rather nice looking pussy. Check out the members area of her new hardcore website and let us know what you think of the new Post Op Kimber James.

Kimber James big tits

Blonde busty Kimber

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Ladyboy in Fishnet Stockings


Ladyboy in Fishnet Stockings

Pretty Asian Tranny Khim In Fishnet Stockings

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Ladyboy in Fishnet Stockings!  Watching a sexy striptease by by a sultry Asian ladyboy like Khim is such a turn-on for all true T-girl lovers.  Slowly taking off piece by agonizing piece, we start to see her sensual body appear.

Khim’s smooth slender legs only covered in revealing black fishnet stockings.  Her balls full and ready to unleash makes me want to stroke her shecock to full and glorious erection.  Watching as her small and excited nipples get sensitive, she groans at the mere touch of them with my tongue.  This hard body is quivering with anticipation while I finish her striptease for her with a final tug of her top.  Also Now, the tease is over and she is mine to do with as I please!  Furthermore, Right now is the best chance you have of seeing the rest of this set. And not only the Ladyboy in Fishnet Stockings set but many many others. Click right now to see and get yourself off with these babes.

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Asian Shemale Nurse

Asian Shemale

Asian Shemale

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Asian Shemale! Oh MY look what we have here!  What is it about these little Asian Shemale hotties with shooting their cute litte tranny asses in the air for us? I’m certainly not going to complain at all.  To top it off our lovely Janice is fantasizing she is a naughty nurse whose shift has ended and now she’s in need of some after work fun. Poor Janice, her shift at the hospital was so stressful and long.

And now, she just wants to be pampered by a well hung stud who can fuck all that stress out of her cute little Asian shemale body.  I’m sure she would not have trouble finding many takers and with an ass and tits like that, they will be lines up for miles.

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