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They say gentlemen prefer blondes, but this Asian Shemale has a little something extra ūüėČ ahhhh, yes, just look at her laying there waiting to be taken. ¬†Hell, what I’d do is walk right up and rip those red lace panties right off her tight Asian ass and grab her by the hips Without saying a word I ram my cock balls deep into her tight tranny asshole. ¬†Seeing her big tits bounce and her pouty lips telling me to bang her harder, as she jerks her aroused cock, sends me over the edge and I violently pump a¬†geyser¬†of cum deep inside her quivering hole. Hell, that’s the best 27 seconds I’ve had in a long time!

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You have to love this very seductive Asian Tranny Hershal.  Her creamy soft skin invites your hands to explore her lean sultry body.  She lays there not uttering a sound until you touch her big shemale tits and ultra sensative nipples.  A low gasp escapes from her lips as she completely submits to your touch.  Her passions are awakened and she eagerly grabs your blood engorged cock and guides it towards her warm mouth, all the while looking you deeply in the eyes letting you know that tonight this tranny belongs solely to you.

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Chieko is a perky Asian shemale we couldn’t wait to get on film. ¬†She is just plain ass fucking crazy and we were laughing the whole shoot. ¬†She loves her tranny body and couldn’t keep her hands off her big shemale tits and teased us endlessly with her constant flirting and naughty mouth. ¬†I have to admit I was hard pretty much from the beginning, and she knew it as she brushed my crotch every chance she got. ¬†She’s a self proclaimed tranny nympho who can’t get enough sex. ¬†She practically made love to the camera with her lustful glances and teasing body.

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My cock damn near tore a whole in my pants when I first saw Akahana and those big tranny tits and thick and VERY hard shecock.  Those tits look so soft and suckable that my mouth is watering as I write this in anticipation.  Her smooth dark skin and ultra feminine looks makes me want her so bad.  Throw those soft thighs up and slam my manhood deep inside her tight Asian shemale ass while she cries out in pure pleaure; stroking her thick and throbbing cock to an explosive orgasm.  Begging me, she opens her mouth wide and I shoot all over her dreamy dark face and pouty lips.

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Asian shemale Velencia’s date didn’t show up tonight and she was very¬†disappointed. ¬†She had a special night planned for him. ¬†His loss though as she stripped off her clothes and decided she would handle things on her own. ¬†Her nipples were so swollen with anticipation as they poked like little mountains from her big shemale tits damn near poking her in the chin. ¬†Wasting no time Valencia¬†laid¬†back and fantasied about her lover thrusting his cock into her mouth while she massaged his swollen balls with her hands. ¬†Pulling out of her mouth he spun her around and roughly fucked her tight tranny ass,¬†eliciting¬†a massive orgasm.

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