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Sexmas Sapphire Young and other things!

Sexmas Sapphire Young and other things! So yes guys that is the stunning Sapphire Young. Thats the reason its called Sexmas Sapphire Young! What a stunning ladyboy she is and what an amazing body she has. Big tits and a huge asian ladyboy cock.

Another thing is Sapphire Young also has an amazingly tight ass. And her boobs are perfect and also firm and ready for a load of cum.

Sexmas Sapphire Young

Just look at the photo and admit you would love to have that on the sofa next to your Sexmas tree this year!

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Big Asian Tranny Cock!

Big Asian Tranny Cock! Yes we know that normally in a Ballet there can be a boob slip or three. And while that is actually kind of hot! You also have to admit the cock slip below by Sapphire Young is even hotter.

When it comes to a Big Asian Tranny Cock none have a better one that Sapphire Young. And none look sexier than hers in a cute little ballet outfit and bouncing around.

Big Asian Tranny Cock

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Transsexual Footjob. And its a selfie with Sapphire Young!

Transsexual Footjob. And its a selfie with Sapphire Young! From the day Sapphire made her fist porn video she liked to do things different. Being the queen of selfie facials she is also now the queen of selfie footjobs.

Of course we call this a Transsexual footjob. But also call it a selfie footjob! So for those of you that love a hot ass asian tranny like sapphire! And one that does the things she does? Well fuck stop wasting time and join her website so you can see more!

Transsexual Footjob

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Sapphire Youngs Erection!

Sapphire Youngs Erection! So you love the amazing and super hot and sexy Sapphire Young? Well hell I think everyone does. Especially Sapphire Youngs Erection. Her cock gets so hard it looks like it will strain out of the skin. And Sapphire needs you to relieve that pressure. So get on your knees and either suck her or let her fuck you until she cums.

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Sapphire Youngs Erection

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Pantyhose and Tranny Cock! Sapphire Young knows how to look hot!

Pantyhose and Tranny Cock! Sapphire Young knows how to look hot! So when it comes to looking hot, few other trannies can look as hot as SapphireYoung in Pantyhose. She has a stunning body to begin with but when you get her into something like pantyhose you can not help but get hard.

Also she has some of the best cloths of the trannys you will find. Take her out anywhere and you wont be disappointed!

In the image below you can see her big asian tranny cock standing up in and it looks very tasty. You can also see her amazing tits.

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Tranny panties on Sapphire Young!

Tranny panties on Sapphire Young! Talk about sexy. Sapphire Young is one of the sexiest trannys you will find and when she puts on Tranny panties! Holy Hell she is amazing. Check out how hot and sensual she looks with her cock hanging out of those panties. Another thing is when you see that. You just want to suck and fuck her as fast as you can. Another thing is you might want to grab some photos of her for later. She is amazing.

With big brown eyes, Perfect tits and tranny panties, Sapphire Young is amazing. This set is good enough for even playboy if they just did tranny girls for the magazine.

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Tranny Panties

Maybe if you are nice and have the time, You can zip over to meet Sapphire. She is an amazing woman and still has that perfect cock. Either way you wont regret your decision with Sapphire Young!

As a result of time with Sapphire you will find that your taste for Asian trannys grows. Of course the more amazing ones like her are harder to find but we have a few options for you. Right here on this blog as a matter of fact! Samples of course!

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Sexy Sapphire Young Wishes You A Merry Christmas

How would you like to have Sapphire Young wrapped in a bow under your tree this year?  What a treat that would be.

Beautiful Sapphire Young

Sapphire is dressed as a sexy and very naughty elf this year.  She’s been on Santa’s list for a while now and I don’t think she cares much.  She’s not getting coal though.  She’s getting cock, and lots of it.

Her holiday cheer will make you hard as nails, so take a peak under her elf outfit and see what the present is.

Sexy Asian Shemale Sapphire Young

Come take a look at what Sapphire Young has in store for us this Christmas.

Sexy Sapphire Young Fucked Roughly

Here is a great video of Sapphire Young fucked by her boyfriend.  Sapphire oozes sexuality and she more than walks the walk.  Her sex drive is incredible for a shemale. She’s always hard it seems, and she can’t keep her hands off her nice hard cock.

She gets pounded good in several positions in this hardcore scene. She sucks his dick like a pro, before getting on her hands and knees for a pretty brutal ass pounding.  The look on her face shows she’s pretty happy with what’s going on.

He finally pulls out and jerks on her belly.  This is only one of dozens of hot scenes showing off Sapphire’s amazing sex life.  She’s more than happy to share it all with us as well.  We are the lucky ones. Check out more of Sapphire Young Right Here.

Incomparable Asian Shemale Sapphire Young

There are few Asian shemales that turns heads the way that Sapphire Young does.  Her beauty and exotic sexuality are rare to say the least.  She’s always ready for action, so just say the word she says.

Sexy Asian Shemale Sapphire Young

Sapphire’s big, firm tits are only the start.  Her super hard cock erupts in geysers of sperm when she has one of her patently hyper orgasms.

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Sapphire Young in Heels stockings and panties!

Check out SapphireYoung! Such a sexy young thing posing here in heels, stockings and sexy black panties with a tight corset squeezing her nice big round tranny tits! If you have not met Sapphire Young before then you need to know that she is the hottest Asian tranny online with a great site loaded with photos and videos of her in hardcore sex, masturbation, and giving herself facials!


Sapphire Young has a body to die for, with perfect tits and a cock that gets nice and hard and needs to be stroked by hand, by mouth or by anal passage. The great thing about her is then its your turn if your interested in her being on bottom!

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